Empower your employee to consistently collaborate in a social, fun & easy way towards company goals & values


Beyond360 is a company with over 60 years of combined management experience in the HR, Technology and Executive Management space.
We specialise in helping organisations to empower and drive employee engagement and collaboration towards company aligned goals & values through the use of a seamless propriety SaaS enterprise white labelled social employee engagement portal.

Our passion is to help companies Attract & Retain Talent, Support Personal Development, Improve Well-Being & Create HAPPINESS in the workplace.

Employee Engagement Portal

Beyond360's Multi-Tenant Cloud based Engagement Platform enables employees to seamlessly collaborate and engage towards company aligned goals & values. The portal allows employees to give and receive feedback, access training and coaching, job and sales referrals, ability to share and express ideas, reward and recognise each other in a fun and social way.

Business and emotional intelligence tools capture real-time data from touch points and behaviours to build a unique DNA of employees and ROI providing real time recommendations for
areas of development.

Key Features

Self-Serve on boarding

Allows organisations the flexibility to quickly and comprehensively get employees started, empowered, rewarded and recognized.

Rewards & Recognition

Reward & recognise each other in a social, fun & easy way, aligned to individual, team and company goals.

Employee Feedback

Enhance your employee's skills through giving & receiving real-time feedback in an easy and intuitive way.

Employee Survey

Create your own unique employee survey that has the ability to capture traits and behavioural inputs which give you deeper and wider analysis results.


Employers can embrace continuous improvement in an easy & intuitive way involving employees who feel inspired to contribute.

Learning & Development

Employers NOW have the ability to create a learning environment & culture to enhance & develop employee skills & grow their talent.

Job Referral

Employers can leverage their current talent pool to help fill new posts by incentivising employees to get involved in recruitment.

Sales Referral

Employers can leverage their current talent pool to help identify new sales leads & opportunities with incentives to get involved.

Ideas & Innovation

Employees can create & share innovative ideas that can help increase revenues or reduce costs to gain competitive advantage.

Well Being

Enhance your employees well being and harmony in the workplace

Redemption portal

A compulsive redemption portal with exclusive high street, retail offers.

Third party API adapters

Third party API adapters can be used to integrate external application such as Salesforce or Well Being.

Social Wall Feed

The social wall feed displays posts and notifications that are relevant to individual employees or departments.


Organisations have the ability to set notifications and relevant email pushes to drive employee engagement.

Business and emotional Intelligence reporting

Intuitive reports displaying a unique Employee Engagement Index of behaviours, feelings, happiness, goal alignment and ROI scores.


An easy-to-use, cloud-based portal readily accessible for anywhere, anytime with mobile, tablet and computers.


Multiple layers of security to protect key information & application security, including authentication, authorization & assurance.


Our solution enables organisations to attract, improve loyalty & retention and leverage talent.

Employee Key Benefits

  • Increases Motivation & Productivity.
  • Empowered and Happy.
  • Builds Awesome Team Culture.
  • Real Time Constructive Feedback.
  • Enhances Skills.

Employer Key Benefits

  • Talent Acquisition & Retention Tool.
  • Real Time Data - Behaviours, Traits & Actions.
  • Real Time ROI.
  • Identifies High Potential.
  • Creates a Workforce of HAPPY Employees.


Higher engagement score


Measurable returns


A wider choice of products and services


One stop shop integrated solution


Organizational behavioral data


Highly motivated and a happy workforce

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Our professional services are based on the long-term and proven experience. We work closely with clients from a wide range of industries.


Our work culture is reflected in our team spirit, transparent communication, mutual respect, flexibility, and dedication.

If you have in you - innovative thinking, personal initiative and continuous learning.
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