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Mike DonnellyBoard Advisor

As a 30-year veteran of the incentives, recognition, engagement, and loyalty industries, Mike is responsible for all leadership aspects of Hinda, including sales, marketing, product development, strategic direction, and operations. Mike leads the company’s efforts in helping clients achieve their goals with well-developed solutions and managed programs. He has received numerous industry honors and is actively involved in several industry organizations. Mike joined Hinda as a consultant in 2013 and was named president of Hinda Incentives in 2014.

Favourite thing to do at work: Brainstorm! Innovate! Create! I love idea generation and the creative and strategic planning processes. I love to innovate new and exciting product and service capabilities with my fellow Hinda teammates and our valued partners.

Best advice I was ever given: Came in the form of a quote, "… Leadership is ACTION, not POSITION.”